Welcome to the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency About Us page


NCTPA Vision

To develop a transportation system that enhances the quality of life of its users, fosters community livability, and protects the unique rural and agricultural land use characteristics of the Napa region.

NCTPA Mission

To ensure the development of an efficient, effective and equitable transportation system for the residents, businesses and visitors to the Napa region through a coordinated interjurisdictional decision making process.


Joint Powers Agency

At its core, the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency derives its existence, authority and the scope of its activities from the Joint Powers Agreement.  The JPA identifies three areas of “Purpose” and twenty-one specific duties, responsibilities and approved powers.  Together these define the mission of the agency and the range of activities within which its member agencies have authorized it to engage.  Readers of the OWP will note that each work element in the book shows one or more letter and number combinations tied to this chart, indicating how the activities shown relate to the agency’s JPA.



A.   Transportation Policy Development and Planning activities within an Inter-modal policy framework.  Improving transit services; providing coordinated and more competitive input to the region's transportation planning and funding.  Submit countywide transportation plan to MTC.

B.   Advisory Land Use, Demographics, Environmental, Arts and Culture. Coordination of Transportation and Land Use Management.

C.   Serve as the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Authority (AVAA).



1.      Develop, adopt, and implement countywide transportation plans.

2.      Coordinate local transportation systems.

3.      Coordination of transportation and land use management.

4.      Submission of funding applications.

5.      Adopt intermodal policies for all modes.

6.      Prepare and submit TDA claims for transit and paratransit

7.      Consider/adopt policies and programs for all modes of transportation.

8.      Act as the Consolidated Transportation Service Agency (CTSA).

9.      Serve as overall program manager for Transportation for Clean Air funding (AB 434).

10.    Serve as a deliberative body for inter-jurisdictional Issues relating to land use,      infrastructure, the economy, economic development, community development, environmental issues, arts/culture.

11.    Acquire, improve, hold, lease, dispose of real property.

12.    Exercise eminent domain.

13.    Apply for and accept grants, advances and contributions.

14.    Develop plans and conduct studies.

15.    Coordinate efforts with local, regional, state and federal agencies having jurisdictions over matters pertaining to transportation (including roads) and transit.

16.    Operate Transit Service in Napa County.

17.    Act as program manager for receiving and reallocating vehicle registration fees collected by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District BAAQMD.

18.    Invest Funds.

19.    Sue, be sued, and incur debts, liabilities, obligations.

20.    Employ agents, employees, and contract with 3rd parties.

21.    Make and enter into contracts, assume contracts of member agencies.