Citizen Advisory Committee Application

The Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) is seeking applicants for a permanent Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) to address Napa Valley's growing congestion issues. We're seeking a diverse group of applicants that represent the various interests in our communities. Proposed members include:

*American Canyon resident
*City of Napa resident
*County of Napa resident
*Town of Yountville resident
*City of St. Helena resident
*City of Calistoga resident
Chamber of Commerce representative
Member representing vintners
Member representing agriculture
Member representing environmental issues
Member representing the senior population
Student member
Member representing non-profit organization and/or education field
Member representing affordable housing interests
Member of the Paratransit Coordination Council
Member representing Active Transportation (biking, walking) interests
Member representing Health and Human Service interests and/or healthcare
Member at Large

*City/Town/County members would be appointed by their respective Councils or Board of Supervisors (whichever is applicable)

Members would serve two years, although initial terms will be staggered between 1-3 years to ensure continuity on the committee.  The NVTA plans to convene this new committee in May 2016, with regular meetings held on the first Wednesday of every month at 5 p.m. 

Applicants were encouraged to read the Board Agenda letter outlining the objectives and responsibilities of CAC members.

Contact information
Where is your primary residence?
As described above, this committee will strive to represent a diverse cross-section of the community. What categories describe your interests and experience? (Hold Ctrl to select multiple options!)
Tell us more about your work or volunteer experience in the Napa Valley, especially how it relates to your transportation interests, and how that would benefit the committee.
Tell us about your education and training.
Do you have any experience in public policy? What committees have you previously served on?
Transportation goals
Do you mostly drive? Ever take the bus? Ride a bike? How would you like to travel? Do you have public transit experience from other cities?
Please list a few references who could speak to your experience and character.
Please list a few references who could speak to your experience and character.
Digital signature is required. Applicant must confirm the submitted information is correct to the best of their knowledge.