Community Based Transportation Plan (CBTP)


Planning Transit service for low-income, transit-dependent people.


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In 2004, the NCTPA adopted a Community-Based Transportation Plan (CBTP). The purpose of this plan was to identify the transit needs of low-income communities in Napa and come up withideas to address those needs. The Plan included extensive input from low-income, transit-dependent residents and workers. It recommended several high-priority ideas, including better coordinated bus schedules, more bus shelters, restriped crosswalks near transit stops and expanded information about transit services.

Now, ten years later, NCTPA is updating the CBTP. The process is similar to the original one, but with a focus on how transportation conditions, needs and priorities have changed in the county over the past ten years. The update process will identify changes in the location of low-income communities and their main transit needs, and specific transportation projects and programs to address those current needs.

The updated CBTP will be part of the broader Vision 2040 effort. Accordingly, the highest-priority projects and programs identified through the CBTP will be included in the "investment plan" of Vision 2040. The investment plan will be a prioritized list of improvements to address the county’s transportation needs through the year 2040.

The CBTP update process will again seek to maximize the involvement of low-income communities, especially of leaders and other key stakeholders within those communities. Outreach activities will include public meetings, focus groups and a presence at targeted community events.




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