Contracting and Procurement Policy

The Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency (NCTPA) procurement procedures apply to purchases of goods and services that utilize federal, state and local funds. Where there is a conflict between federal and local requirements, federal requirements will prevail.
NCTPA receives transit funding from the federal government and the State of California, as well as other regional and local agencies. NCTPA will follow standard public agency contract law as set forth in California Government and Public Contract Codes for procurements that are funded with state or local revenues and do not have any federal funding. NCTPA is further committed to meeting all requirements in FTA Circular 4220.1(f) and its successors for procurements that involve federal funds. These procurement policies and procedures are consistent with federal regulations and the laws of the State of California. These procedures also apply to any revenue contract whose primary purpose is to either generate revenues in connection with a transit-related activity, or to create business opportunities utilizing a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funded asset.
The purpose of these policies and procedures is to set forth the procurement methods and establish standards for obtaining goods and services, including construction, professional, and architectural/engineering (A/E) services necessary for the operation of NCTPA's transportation and planning services. These procedures include guidelines for the solicitation, award and administration of formally advertised contracts, as well as the consultant selection, negotiation, award and administration of competitively negotiated and A/E contracts.
The procurement procedures are designed to:
   • Instill public confidence in the transit procurement process of NCTPA;
   • Ensure fair and equitable treatment of all vendors who seek to do business with NCTPA;
   • Ensure maximum open and free competition in the expenditure of public funds; and
   • Provide the safeguards to maintain a procurement system of quality and integrity.
Methods to implement the foregoing are described in the remainder of this document and the attachments hereto.
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