NCTPA Countywide Bike Plan

NCTPA Countywide Bicycle Plan
Prepared by:
Whitlock & Weinberger Transportation Inc.
Questa Engineering Corporation
January 2012
The Napa Countywide Bicycle Plan presents a cooperatively-developed 25-year vision for building a complete bicycling system for our community. It also presents a carefully chosen set of specific goals, objectives, and policies to guide the ongoing evolution of that system. Napa County, with its varied terrain, beautiful scenery, and mild weather is ideal for both practical and recreational cycling. Cities in the County are relatively flat and compact, characteristics that are optimal for intra-city commute and utilitarian trips. Currently, inter-city travel on the valley floor via bicycle can be challenging because of the distance between the cities, limited connections, and roads with highspeed traffic. Outside of the cities and valley floor, the County’s mountains, valleys, and scenery provide a “world class” experience that is a physically challenging and attractive for recreational cyclists.
The Plan has been developed at a time when there has been a strong surge of interest in bicycling in Napa County, as well as in the Bay Area Region, the nation and the world. New programs, systems and technologies have been emerging month by month, spurred on by an intention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to promote more active, healthy transportation options, to reduce traffic congestion, and to provide connections between our communities. The Napa Vine Trail Coalition, dedicated to creating a Class I Multi-use Path the full length of Napa Valley, has emerged as a popular community organization, made up of 27 of the county’s most influential non-profit and government groups. The Napa Bicycle Coalition, recently re-named “Napa Bike,” has energized the cycling community to become an even more active participant in the development of cycling resources in the county. The local “Safe Routes to School” program has been expanding rapidly, now serving schools throughout Napa County. The Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency (NCTPA) has adopted a long range strategic goal of having 10 percent of all trips made by bicycle in Napa County. This new Countywide Bicycle Plan is one way that NCTPA looks to accomplish this goal, in close partnership with the governments, non-profit organizations and citizens of our community.
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