NVTA Resolutions 2015

Please Download the following NCTPA Resolutions in the column to the right. Thank you.

Resolution 15-01: Authorizing the filling for, acceptance of, and exection of all documents and instruments related to Proposition 1B, and other state law administered by the California Office of Emergency Services.

Resolution 15-02: Approving and certifying the California Environmental Quality Act mitigated negative declaration and adopting the mitigation monitoring and reporting program, and adopting the National Environmental Policy ACt categorical exclusion determination for the Napa Valley Vine Trail Project - Oak Knoll District.

Resolution 15-03: Adopting the Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) program manager expenditure Program for FYE 2016 and authorizing issuance of all call for projects.

Resolution 15-04: Authorization for the execution of the certifications and assurances for the Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP).

Resolution 15-05: Authorizing the execute director to submit an application with the Metropolitan Tranportatino Commission (MTC) for Regiional Measure 2 funding for the Express Bus North project.

Resolution 15-06: Authorizing the execution of the projects under the Lifeline Transportation Program Cycle 4.

Resolution 15-07: Authorizing the submittal of a grant application for funding assigned to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and committing any necessary matching funds and stating assurance to complete the project.

Resolution 15-08: Amending the Countywide coordinated claimt o the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) for the allocation of FY 2012-13 transportation development act.

Resolution 15-09: Amending the By-Laws of the Active Transporation Advisory Committee.

Resolution 15-10: Authorizing the federal funding under Federal Transit Administration.

Resolution 15-11: Adopting a revised disadvantaged business enterprise program.

Resolution 15-12Adopting the FY 2015-16 budget.

Resolution 15-13Authorizing the filing with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) for allocation for Transportation Development Act (TDA), Regional Measure 2 (RM2), and State Transit Assistance 9STA) funds for FY 2015-16.