Overall Work Program

Each year the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency prepares an Overall Work Program (OWP) describing the comprehensive planning activities proposed to be undertaken during the next fiscal year using state and federal planning funds. In addition, major non-planning initiatives undertaken by the agency are also included. This document provides detailed information on each activity, including a description of the work to be performed, the products of the effort, and funding information. Ultimately, the document serves three important objectives:

First, by describing the comprehensive planning and agency activities to be conducted by NCTPA, the Overall Work Program serves as a reference to be used by citizens, planners and elected officials throughout the year to understand NCTPA’s objectives and how these will be met through the regional comprehensive planning process and agency efforts. As a public document, the OWP provides an opportunity for an open review of the planning process and activities of the agency by elected officials and the public at large.

Second, the Overall Work Program is used as a management tool for the comprehensive planning program and workload management. The division of the program into sections and individual work elements facilitates program review and management throughout the year to ensure that the planned activities are accomplished both on time and within budget.

Third, the Overall Work Program serves as documentation to support the various federal and state grants that finance the planning program.

OWP's Available for Download