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In 1991, the California Legislature passed AB 434 and AB 414 which permitted the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (hereinafter the “Air District”) to collect a fee of up to $4 per vehicle per year for reducing air pollution from motor vehicles and for related planning and programs. This legislation requires the Air District to allocate 40% of the revenue to an overall program manager in each county. The overall program manager must be designated "by resolutions adopted by the county board of supervisors and the city councils of a majority of the cities representing a majority of the population." The Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency (NCTPA) is the designated Program Manager for Napa County.

NCTPA annually allocates funds generated under AB 434. The monies are placed into a fund known as Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA). Projects must be beneficial to air quality and be cost effective. The BAAQMD is responsible for administering the Bay Area Regional TFCA program and partners with NCTPA to administer the 40% Program Manager TFCA Funds.



Call for Projects

NCTPA would like to announce a call for projects for the FYE 2016 Transportation Fund for Clean Air Program. NCTPA has approximately $264,000 dollars this cycle to fund projects that are the most cost effective at reducing motor vehicle emissions and improving air quality. Non-public entities are eligible to receive funding under TFCA for limited vehicle projects and advanced technology demonstrations.

Applications for the FYE 2016 cycle are due to NCTPA by 5:00 PM on Friday, April 3, 2015.

To learn more about eligible project types, please download the FYE 2016 Application Guide HERE.




Last cycle's projects adopted on July 16, 2014:


FYE 2015 Expenditures


Administration Cost for FYE 2015


City of Calistoga Riverside Class I Path


American Canyon SR 29 Signal Interconnect








NCTPA received no findings or deficiencies in the Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) Audit Report for reporting period ending in June 30, 2013. Click here to read report.


For more information:

Diana Meehan

TFCA Program Administrator

(707) 259-8327


For more information about the Regional TFCA program, visit the BAAQMD's webpage.