VINE Transit Ambassador Program

The VINE Transit Ambassador Program has been in existence in Napa for over 19 years!

If you have not been a user of public transit for some time, our Transit Ambassador program may be perfect for you.  The program offers personalized orientation for new users of public transit in Napa County. Trained volunteers assist new riders in learning how to:

  • read schedules,
  • plan a trip,
  • where to catch the bus,
  • how to use transfers,
  • pay the fare,
  • use passes,
  • use special features as such the wheelchair lift
  • how the bus "kneeler" operates.

To schedule your trip with a VINE Transit Ambassador call (707) 259-8631

Goals of the VINE Transit Ambassador Program

  • To bring a sense of security to new riders.
  • Offer assistance, be compassionate, patient, and courteous to every rider, no matter how much time or training is required.
  • Trainees who can travel the local transit system independently and teach others to do the same. It is a circle of people helping people to break down barriers and fears of using local Transportation.
  • Encourage riders to take advantage of the Transit Ambassador Program.

Want to be a Transit Ambassador?

Anybody can become a VINE Transit Ambassador. Volunteers with disabilities, seniors, and bi-lingual transit riders are especially welcome. A Transit Ambassador is a Volunteer who goes through extensive classroom training and has at least one-year experience riding the VINE transit system. A Transit Ambassador will stay with each rider until they feel confident and can navigate the VINE transit system independently. Trainees of this program will eventually become the Trainers that provide this much needed assistance.

Here’s how it works:

  • Submit a completed application to NCTPA Transit Ambassador Program Manager.
  • An applicant is required to attend 4 hours of extensive classroom training, some hands-on training with an existing ambassador and an orientation to become familiar with the systems, learn some basic communications skills, and practice what they have learned.
  • Work one-on-one with new passengers with a goal of assisting 10 new users to ride the bus within the 1st year and 5th every year after.
  • May be asked to accompany NCTPA staff to community events and assist in the event by answering questions for the general public about transit.
  • A Transit Ambassador will spend 3 hours per month at the Soscol Gateway Transit Center answering questions, talking to passengers, answering questions, and offering assistance.
  • Spend 5 hours per month riding the bus and talking with passengers, answering questions, and offering assistance.
  • Attend all of the 6 annual meetings.
  • Turn in monthly time cards punched by the transit drivers or customer service staff for the first year of service.
  • Ambassadors will receive FREE rides on any VINE Transit vehicle for an active volunteer.

For more information call (707) 259-8631.