Yountville Bicycle Plan

Yountville Bicycle Plan
Prepared by:
Whitlock & Weinberger Transportation Inc.
Questa Engineering Corporation
January 2012
The Town of Yountville Bicycle Plan was developed as a component of the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency's Countywide Bicycle Plan Update. The Plan is intended to guide and influence the development of bikeways, bicycle policies, bicycle programs and bicycle facility design standards to make bicycling throughout Yountville and Napa County more safe, comfortable, convenient and enjoyable for all bicyclists. The overarching goal of the Bicycle Plan is to increase the number of persons who bicycle throughout Yountville and Napa County for transportation to work, school, utilitarian purposes, and recreation. Bicycle Plan Maps include the The Town of Yountville Bikeways Map, Up-Valley Bikeways Map, and Countywide Bikeways Map.
The Bicycle Master Plan is The Town of Yountville‟s first stand alone bicycle plan, although the Town does have an existing Pathways Plan that includes bicycles. Previous countywide bicycle planning efforts have also included Yountville.
To read the entire plan, download the report or click here.